Central African Republic Technology Entrepreneurship Accelerator


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 Areas of intervention:  

  • Promote entrepreneurship (income-generating activities)  
  • Promote capacity building of women and youth through vocational training  
  • Promote the protection of human rights  
  • Promoting human health  
  • Promote agro-pastoral  
  • Promote peace, social cohesion and living together 

The Central African Republic (CAR) is rural: agriculture and livestock are the country’s two main economic sectors. They employ 75% of the working population and contribute 55% to GDP. The CAR has major assets such as land, pastures, water resources and forest cover that are abundant. However, production methods are less and less efficient over the decades, at the same time as the deterioration of the political and security situation: agriculture has sunk into an acute crisis materialized by the fall in productivity and yields of all crops, sadly characterized by increasingly serious tensions or even conflicts between users of space (farmers, breeders, hunters and miners). In addition to the imperative of a restored Rule of Law, the Central African countryside must necessarily reconnect with technical and social progress in order to regain peace. The youth demand it, unable to resign themselves in silence to living “poorly”: their aspirations for dignified incomes, drawn from the land, are to be satisfied. To meet this priority challenge, the levers of agricultural development must be activated quickly. The implementation of solutions to recreate viable agro pastoral production technology systems, economic relations that generate social ties and new “freedoms to invest” for women and young people will remain strongly driven by the cultural and traditional values of the rural world. It is in this perspective that we, “Save Life” we set as a strategic objective to enhance the value of groundnut food crops, rice and maize to meet the crucial food and economic needs of the Central African population. From this overall objective flow three specific objectives:

  • Improve cultural tools and techniques;
  • Improve and increase the production of food crops (groundnuts, rice and maize);
  • Create conditions of adapted conservation;
  • Transform and market products.

On the strength of this analysis, the NGO “Save Life”, aware of the real problems facing the Central African populations in the field of food security, is prepared to contribute effectively in concert with international and national guidelines to give satisfactory answers. Finally, we dare to believe that it is through this channel that the country’s recovery must pass in terms of lasting peace and social cohesion.