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Company Description, Overview and History 

Created in 2019 by several entrepreneurs whose objective is to innovate the agricultural system and meet the need for food security, MOTIBI is an association that aims to strengthen links and opportunities in the agricultural field between farmers including market gardening to ensure food security in the Central African Republic and the promotion of the processing of agricultural products and food autonomy. But also connect the local market to the international. Between 2020-2021, she contributed to the training of several Young Central Africans in entrepreneurship and leadership in partnership with other associations, including the Project for Peace: Building Peace through Capacity Development and Leadership (USA-BANGUI). The members of the association invest in different crops, including sweet potato. 

Industry (Industry/Sector of Activity) 

With agricultural entrepreneurship as its main activity, MOTIBI contributes to the rehabilitation of rural roads and local development. 

Product and Services: The project is structured in two parts: 

  1. Cultivation of potato and gingers.
  2. Processing sweet potatoes into powder for children’s boiling, so gingers will be crushed into powder also for a long shelf life.

Type of customers (companies or consumers, etc…) 

Local population, national and international market. 

For farmers: No more worries for those with a lot of stock and fear their degradation a few days before harvest. The latter can dry their products as much as possible through the service that we will set up. 

For children: The sweet potato will be transformed into porridge source of energy and will contribute to local and international consumption. 

Major objectives for the coming year   

We aim to improve production on 20 hectares, buy drying machines, process and export our products to the international market. 

The challenges you face:  Logistical problem, means of transport, agricultural equipment and watering of the field in the dry season.