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The company – including its overview / Company history and founders 

Founded in 2018 by Bachir MOUSSA BAWA serial entrepreneur, with the aim of providing innovative solutions in several areas.  Bachir has been the author of several inventions in the field of fintech and geographical referencing. He has worked with many national and national organizations. Winner of the 1000 Entrepreneurs Challenge 2020, African Changemarker Fellowship 2020. He is currently pursuing several programs with: Tony ELUMELO Foundation 2021, African civic Engagement Academy in partnership with the University of Georgia in the USA. 

 Industry(branch/sector of activity) 

e-health, the innovation presented here, solves a problem of ignorance of the nearest health structure service, but also to offer a digital solution related to physical referencing.  By implementing this innovation, we wish to contribute on the one hand to: 

  • Medical/health response: inform the population about the medical structures that are located in each locality and recognized by the government.  
  • On the other hand to contribute to access to services. We imagined an easy-to-use system, while building on the existing infrastructures of GSM operators 

 Products and services 

We want to launch the geographical referencing system (SYREG) in order to respond to this problem through this operating system: 

  • An interactive SMS system can be set up, for the population with a GSM phone. For this we need a database of users of the GSM operator’s system. This invention is not intended to shake up users’ habits. The customer may need top-up credit to make a request, using an Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) code, or an SMS.  
  • It can be used through a mobile app, for Android phone users. 

Types of customers (businesses or consumers, etc.) 

Anyone using a mobile phone. These people will be referenced in relation to the structures that are located in their geographical area, neighborhood, in order to reduce mobility and facilitate easy access to existing effective and efficient services. Before embarking on this invention, a study was conducted. The. Some structures are not recognized by the Ministry of Health, and are created by unqualified people, this poses a public health problem. 

 Major objectives for the coming year 

Developing other services will be developed in the medical, security and other fields. 

The challenges you face 

The MVP, minimum viable product to launch the operationalization of the system.