Dr. Jean-Pierre Auffret

Director, CARE

E-mail: jauffret@gmu.edu

Telephone number: 703-993-5641


Dr. Angelos Stavrou

Founder and Director Emeritus, CARE

E-mail: astavrou@gmu.edu

Telephone number: 703-993-3772


Dr. Duminda Wijesekera

Co-director, CARE

E-mail: dwijesek@gmu.edu

Telephone number: 703-993-1578/5030

Dr. Daniel Barbará

Senior Researcher, CARE

E-mail: dbarbara@gmu.edu

Telephone number: 703-993-1627

Dr. Itamara Lochard

Director of Cyber Policy Studies

E-mail: ilochard@gmu.edu

Telephone number: (703)-993-3682

Dr. Eric Osterweil

Assistant Professor, Computer Science

E-mail: eoster@gmu.edu

Telephone number: (703)-993-4321

Dr. Dan Fleck

Lab Director, CARE

E-mail: dfleck@gmu.edu

Telephone number: 703-993-1543

Dr. Constantinos Kolias

Researcher, CARE

E-mail: kkolias@gmu.edu

Telephone number: (703)-993-7754