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GETEX AGRI was created on July 1, 2020 by Ursula Marlène Makoua GERVIL-YAMBALA, passionate and self-taught about agriculture. GETEX AGRI is part of GETEX GROUP SURL with a capital of 4,000,000 FCFA; GETEX AGRI is one of the finalists of WIA 2021. GETEX AGRI has been selected to follow a 5-day training on the development of a business plan in micro-enterprise financed by PRADAC. GETEX AGRI works in close partnership with women cassava producers from Samba (15 km from Bangui) which it transforms into cassava and flour. GETEX AGRI offers support training for women in entrepreneurship on income-generating activities tending towards empowerment in partnership with SOFIA CREDIT, microfinance. Industry (branch / sector of activity) GETEX AGRI is an agro pastoral processing company whose vocation is to grow and manufacture natural products without conservation in a semi-industrial way. It is therefore a company in the primary and secondary sector. Products and services GETEX AGRI transforms agricultural products without preservatives, e.g. fruit into jams, syrup and fruit juices. Cassava in flour and cassava sticks. For its Snacks peanuts in sweet or salty peanuts. Plantains in sweet or savory chips. Corn in grains in sweet or salty popcorn. Shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil cream for the body and hair. GETEX trains women funded by local NGOs. Types of customers (companies or consumers, etc.) Shops of stations TOTAL CENTRAFRIQUE, NDARA Art Company, customers of the airport, GETEX products are accessible to all. Major objectives for the coming year Mechanization and automation of the production chain. Supply of agricultural products to local producers for better processing. The challenges you face? Difficulties in preserving natural products (shelf-stable) and difficulties in the supply chain of agricultural products (seasonal raw material).