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Forever Management Technology (FORMATECH – SURL) is a one-person limited liability company. It is specialized in the provision of services, training, studies and realization in the fields of telecommunications (transmission: FH and VSAT), building electricity, renewable energies, industrial maintenance. The company was created in 2018 by Triomphe Hardy MBOUA. Triomphe Hardy MBOUA is a Telecom engineer with more than 10 years of professional experience at MOOV Centrafrique. He also has a master’s degree in project management. Following the experiences acquired in the field of operation and maintenance at MOOV, Triomphe decided to embark on entrepreneurship, creating FORMATECH in 2018 as a service delivery company in the areas mentioned above. Today, FORMATECH takes care of the maintenance of: – UNDP: All energy equipment (generators, air conditioning and electricity …) and all related agencies (ANE, Special Criminal Court …); – MOOV: Maintenance of hybrid systems (solar panels + generator + batteries) of technical sites and air conditioning of offices and technical sites. – PMU & ACAMS: maintenance of generator set and electrical installations – NGO Triangle & Action Contre la Faim (ACF): maintenance of generator set. Formatech now directly employs 26 young technicians. Depending on the market, the major objective for next year is to expand the market share and scope of action. In this case, training, studies and implementation. The challenges ahead, the need for working capital that limits us in the management and execution of certain contracts and development projects of the company.