Central African Republic Technology Entrepreneurship Accelerator

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A single-member limited liability company, was created in 2015 to fight unemployment and promote digital transformation. It aims to support local companies to outsource certain services in order to devote themselves to their main activity.  

OUR BUSINESS SECTORS: specialized in various services: • Courier, a courier and local express delivery service by Courier Plus • IT, an outsourcing service, various IT services and digital transformation by Computing Plus; • Electronic banking and fintech, a service supply and maintenance of AUTOMATAs, development of financial services by Monétique Plus.  

OUR MISSION: To contribute to the performance of our customers by offering them tailor-made services, perfectly adapted to their needs and with added value.  

OUR VISION: To become an essential link in the chain of activity of our customers.  

TARGET CLIENTELE: Our target clientele consists of companies, liberal profession, public administrations and services and individuals in some cases. 

MAJOR OBJECTIVES FOR THE COMING YEAR: • Implement a platform for the settlement of transport costs (taxi and bus) and small businesses using NFC technology and USSD from electronic wallets; • Implement the shared electronic archiving platform; • Implement the express courier service; • Implement an online training platform dedicated to digital culture.  

CHALLENGES: • Capital; • Training and support