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 iSTech’s Company description  

iSTech stands for intelligent Products or services manufacturer / provider, relaying on Science & Technological principles, is a company created in 2017 in Central Africa Republic. The Fiscal Identification Number (NIF) is P355S00123. The company is owned by Mr MAPOUKA Saint-Cyr; its mission is to privide better products & services for relevent problems. iSTech’s vision consist of doing the right thing the right way. 



Products & Services list. 

BSol (Business Solution) : A Powerfull POS (Point of Sales) system. Any business institution can laverage on it to become very powerfull in serving customer, controlling stock fleet, management capability…  


Academ (Academic Solution) : A computing engineering product, which is a set of hardware and software items, that aims to empower a school institution by automating its all its daily task in a rate of 80% to 92%. It uses the most inovative technology such as barcode data manipulation, batch process, SMS Com. 


Fast#ID : A  SAAS (Software as a Service) which purpose is to produce any identification cards in a standard format (PVC format, …) in batch, by using the most innovative data collection technologies such as Commcare, Kobo Collect, iForm, …Production of thousand of #ID cards (Aids beneficiaries, students #ID cards, …) in a laps of times is no more an issue with eReg1. 

Type of customer  Company (Mini super-market, Private School, …), Non Govermental Organization, Governement institutions, and individuals. 
Main objectives for 2022. 
  • Increase the number of BSol’s product customer from 1 (Actual) to at least 15. 
  • Increase the number of Academ’s product customer from 0 (Actual) to at least 3. 
  • Increase the number of Fast#ID’s service customer from 2 (Actual) to at least 20. 
  • Release the beta1.x version of a new Software As A service called Gara.  
  • There almost no possibility to get loans from local Bank in Central Africa Republic, in order to finance the business plan over 3 years. 
  • Impossible to find a local vendor which can provide the right hardware computing tools such as barcode reader device, mini server, POS printers, cash redrawer,  tag printer, … and not only that, the delivery channel of goods from abroad is not secured. In order to fix this, the alternative could be to travel abroad.