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The digital incubator was created in 2015 to offer digital solutions to the Central African population, the government and development partners. It is a physical place to support the creation and development of digital solutions by young people to ultimately provide a concrete response to the difficulties of the Central African populations affected by the crisis. To support this dynamic, we have set up a favorable ecosystem that allows exchanges on social issues but also on the development of digital technology and existing opportunities. – HISTORY OF THE COMPANY AND FOUNDERS THE NGO Mamboko Na Mamboko which means “hand in hand” was founded in 2007 by Mr. Aristide GANABO the president and Martial GANABO the National Coordinator, its headquarters is based in Bangui. It is a dismemberment of the association Mamboko na Mamboko France created in Bordeaux in 2005. Its objective is to contribute to the moral, educational, social, economic and cultural development of young people and women. – INDUSTRY (branch / sector of activity) Digital incubator, Digital project and training, – PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Application creation – TYPES OF CUSTOMERS (Companies or consumers, etc.).  

MAJOR OBJECTIVES FOR THE COMING YEAR: Creating digital applications that will be solutions to physical problems  

– THE CHALLENGES YOU FACE: Cost of Qualified Resource APIs