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CIOs and IT Executive Leadership – From Engineering Education to Innovations in ICT and Technology Webinar with Dr. J.P. Auffret

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This article comes from The International Federation of Engineering Education Societies Webinar Series.

The rapid development and adoption of mobiles and Internet have had major impacts on society and ICT is now a key component of national development in healthcare, education, financial services, smart cities and poverty reduction. Newer technologies including AI, robotics and blockchain also will potentially have major ramifications for society. With this increasing role of technology often as part of digital transformation programs, the role of the CIO has increasingly become strategic and governments are undertaking initiatives to strengthen institutional capacity for ICT executive leadership.

The talk reviews the latest innovations in mobiles, robotics, AI, drones and blockchain and other new technologies in the context of the evolution of the role of CIOs and development of CIO institutions. What are current and potential applications, related challenges, possible future development paths, policy considerations and potential societal ramifications? How are the roles of CIO and related CIO institutions developing and adapting to the increasing possibility with greater risk and challenge of technology innovation and adoption? And how are engineering and university education changing to adapt for current and future students as well as to facilitate life long learning for graduates.

Speaker // Dr. J.P. Auffret Co-founder and Vice President International Academy of CIO

J.P. Auffret is co-founder and vice president of the International Academy of CIO. In addition, he is associate director, Center for Assurance Research and Engineering in the Volgenau School of Engineering and director, research partnerships in the School of Business at George Mason University. Auffret’s work and research span a range of applied technology fields including CIO and technology leadership, ICT governance, and cybersecurity leadership and with organizations including APEC, NSF and IBM. In addition, he has worked with World Bank and ITU on mobile and ICT for Development. His experience includes executive positions with MCI and its joint venture with British Telecom, Concert and academic positions with George Mason, Duke University’s Center for International Development and as physicist-in-residence at American University. Auffret earned a B.S. from Duke University where he was an A.B. Duke Scholar, M.B.A. from the University of Virginia and Ph.D. in Physics from American University.

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