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Marché Banguissois

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Start-up aimed at facilitating all industrial, commercial, financial, agricultural, movable and immovable operations. 

Launched on Facebook in February 2021, the Banguissois market page was created with the aim of bringing together and centralizing all economic operators from all sectors in the Central African market. But also to map all the economic agents on the Central African market and connect them to the local and international market. Thus, allow foreign investors to have access to reliable companies in the Central African Republic. It is registered with the Chamber of Commerce.  

His team: Bachir MOUSSA BAWA entrepreneur, graduate in logistics at the International Polytechnic University of Benin. Contribution 50% (innovation and organization), Aboubakar Nabil Ben BACHIR resident in Montreal, Canada graduated in Technology at the University of Montreal (30% programming contribution) and Melissa Christelle KAMOT BOYAKA N’TCHA 20% (contribution in marketing and communication), graduate in management and resident in Benin. Marché Banguissois is on LinkedIn and Facebook. 

It wants to establish itself as a leader in the field of the digitalization of goods and services, following the various socio-political crises causing real delays on all levels, the digital sector is struggling to gain momentum. 

Industry (branch / sector of activity): software design and e-commerce/ financial technology. 

Products and services: e-commerce -Digitalization of goods and services. Facilitate all financial, commercial, agricultural and industrial operations online or in physics. 

Types of customers (businesses or consumers, etc.) 


Major objectives for the coming year: identify more than 1000 economic agents and attract more than 200,000 users. Set up a digital consulting service for small and medium-sized enterprises that will focus on the following activities: 

Improved visibility on social media (creation and management of their pages and content). 

Creation of showcase and personalized websites for institutions, small and medium-sized enterprises… Support in the digitalization process. 

The challenges you face. 

A room to install a team and work equipment, accommodation…