J.P. Auffret, Elected President of the International Academy of CIO (IAC)

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Written by Christina Batcheler

J.P. Auffret, was elected as the third president of the International Academy of CIO (IAC) at the 12th IAC Annual Meeting and Conference held in Moscow in October.

Founded in 2006, the IAC (International Academy of CIO) is a global academic and professional society with co-founders including Japan, USA, Indonesia, Philippines, Switzerland, and Thailand. The IAC currently has active participation from about 50 countries and partnerships with U.N., APEC and OECD. IAC engages with governments, private sector and academia to further ICT leadership and governance and associated national ICT policies and institutions.

“I am very honored to be elected President of IAC and following on to Professor Pairash Thajchayapong, Thailand and Professor Toshio Obi, Japan. The IAC is very active around the world and with governments, private sector, and NGOs. The role contributes to greater Mason international visibility as well as furthers engagement on developing the potential of ICTs to contribute to addressing world current challenges,” said Dr. J.P. Auffret, IAC co-founder and professor at the School of Business, George Mason University.

The IAC’s initiatives include developing and publishing the annual IAC – Waseda International Digital Government Rankings ( ) now in their thirteenth year; a Global eGovernance book series with IOS Press in Amsterdam and volumes including “ICT and Aging Society,” and “A Decade of eGovernment Rankings” ( ); providing CIO Accreditation for masters’ degree CIO and IT executive leadership programs; publishing the Journal of CIO and Digital Innovation; hosting an annual conference next scheduled for September 2018, in Astana, Kazakhstan in partnership with the Society of IT Managers of Kazakhstan; and research projects including with APEC on ICT Governance and ICT and Aging Society.

In addition, the IAC works with governments in developing ICT leadership and governance policies and legislation.

Auffret will work with the IAC Executive Committee, Board and membership as President in many ways including increasing participation in Africa and South America; furthering IAC research and engagement on potential for ICT to contribute to addressing major challenges including on aging society and lessening the impact and recovering from natural disasters as well as on ICT innovation for SDGs, and cybersecurity.

The IAC is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and registered as an NPO in Japan with the IAC Secretariat based in Bangkok, Thailand.

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