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15th Annual International Academy of CIO (IAC) Conference entitled, “COVID-19, Digital Resilience and Economic Recovery / Technology Leadership and Policy in the Age of AI, Robotics and 5G” is Planned for December 7th & 8th, 2021

The 15th Annual International Academy of CIO (IAC) Conference is set for December 7th & 8th, 2021 with timely topics featuring COVID-19, Digital Resilience, Economic Recovery, Technology Leadership and Policy in the Age of AI, Robotics and 5G. With AI, Robotics and 5G, there are opportunities for new products and services and also new industries that bridge time and space and enable greater access and speed in fields as diverse as government, healthcare, transportation and manufacturing.

“The conference is being held at a time of great technology related opportunity and great risk in cybersecurity, privacy, digital divide, potential job loss and the changing nature of work,” says Professor J.P. Auffret, Ph.D., President of IAC and Director Research Partnerships, School of Business and Director of Center for Assurance Research & Engineering at Volgenau School of Engineering.

As with previous International Academy of CIO annual conferences, the 15th Annual Conference will address the potential and challenge of new technologies and applications to major world challenges such ICT and natural disasters and major world trends including ageing society and urbanization.

For the 15th Annual Conference, research and practitioner papers and innovations related to the conference themes are being sought with topics that include:

  • Social and economic context innovations and issues: ageing society, urban transformation, healthcare system challenges, natural disasters, government’s role evolution, industry transformation, policy agendas, emerging business models, etc.
  • Citizens’, patients’, and customers’ changing value drivers: empowerment, co-creation, online behavior, and expectations, etc.
  • Technology development and Management: challenges and ramifications of rapidly developing technologies such as robotics, autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence and major challenges such as capacity building, cyber-security, big data.
  • CIO new skills and roles: Government CIO, Business CIO, CIO core competences, innovative management.

The IAC Annual Conference brings together government, private sector and academia participants to discuss and exchange ideas and best practices on ICT leadership and governance in light of rapidly changing technology. The conferences are research to practice oriented in that the talks and presentations include both strategy and practice talks and presentations by government leaders, private sector executives and NGO leaders as well as research related talks by academics. Previous conferences have been held around the world.

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About the International Academy of CIO (IAC):

The IAC or International Academy of CIO was founded in 2006 in Japan by co-founders including Japan, USA, Indonesia, Philippines, Switzerland and Thailand. The IAC members, partnerships and alliances now span all regions with economies such as China, Cambodia, Netherlands, India, Korea, Laos, Hong Kong, Macao, Peru, Singapore, South Africa, Nigeria, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Italy, Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. The IAC has active participation from more than 50 countries and partners with NGOs and multilateral organizations including APEC, OECD and ITU.

The IAC promotes and facilitates CIO and IT Executive leadership education and education standards; government CIO and IT governance policies and institution building related to CIOs and CIO Councils; and application and innovation of ICT such as mobile, IoT and blockchain in areas including ICT and ageing society, smart cities, and ICT and natural disasters.

The IAC publishes the annual Waseda University – IAC Digital Government Rankings now in its 14th year and the Journal of CIO and Digital Innovation. The IAC also partners with IOS Press on a Global E-Governance book series. In education, the IAC accredits CIO master’s degree programs and provides CIO certificates to graduates as well as directly partnering on training through the Asia CIO University Network on topics including CIO and data science. The IAC hosts an annual conference and partners on conferences and workshops with governments and NGOs such as APECTEL, OECD and U.N.  For more information, please go to: